Best tips to clean your cat’s litter box

Let’s all admit to this thing, no one likes to clean a cat litter box. You can love your cats but hate cleaning their litter boxes. No one likes getting their hands dirty in used cat litter, but this is a job that you have to do if you own a cat. You can make the task easier with some great tips on how to clean your cat’s litter box. Some of these tips are given below:

Use a Litter Mat:

It’s hard to understand how much mess your cat can create after using her litter box. She can sometimes manage to leave her litter spread all over your house. If you don’t want that to happen, try using a Litter Mat. Litter mats are specially designed mats that you set outside your cat’s litter box, to collect any litter stuck on paws when your cat leaves her litter box. Using a litter mat helps to contain loose litter, so less mess is created all over the house.

Litter Tray Liners:

Litter liners can be very useful if you use a basic manual style litter box for your cat. By using litter liners, you save a lot of time cleaning the litter box, and it’s so much easier to just pick up the entire bag and dispose of it than to scrub your box repeatedly.

NOTE: Your safety is just as important as your cats. It’s always best to use a mask and a pair of gloves while cleaning out the box to prevent the risk of possible disease.

Preventing the smell:

Where there are litter boxes, there is always the issue of smell. There are multiple ways you can address the smell. I.e: you can use air fresheners or add baking soda to help absorb the smell., or choose a litter that also has odor absorbing ingredients. The most effective way, however, is using charcoal filters. These filters will help absorb the smell. You only need to change these infrequently, and they are inexpensive.

Wash it at least once a week:

Cleaning your cat’s litter box every day might be a little tough. Especially if you’re not home all day. However, you do need to clean it AT LEAST once a week, for health and hygiene reasons. Cleaning your litter box at least once a week helps you minimize all the mess and too much smell. Also, it’s disgusting to keep dirty litter for more than a week to clean it when you can!

Say NO to ammonia-based cleaners:

Some people have litter boxes with ammonia in them, to prevent them from spreading the smell. However, the ammonia would not only do that, it might kill your cat too. When a cat uses the litter box, it usually smells the litter box. If your cat smells the ammonia, it could get ill from the fumes so you might want to avoid using ammonia-based cleaners.

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